Make A Statement With An Office Feature Wall

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That first moment when someone walks into your business’s property is important. It allows you to make an impact and statement right away, and you’ve got to get this right to make sure the message you’re delivering is strong and clear. An office feature wall is a great way to do this, but you must think carefully on the message you want to convey.

There are plenty of ways to create a feature wall, and a lot of different elements to consider, from size, texture, materials, colours, imagery and even text. This isn’t something you should rush, as it’s going to be a part of your property for a long time.

Why Should You Consider An Office Feature Wall?

Office feature walls are a way to stand out from the competition. When a visitor, client or customer visits your office, a feature wall can show them of your intent, what you stand for and what you’re going to do for them. As with any message a business delivers, it’s got to address the problem or question their market is looking to resolve. Whether this is in the form of imagery, text or overall design is up to you.

It can capture the essence of the company and the work being done, or you can use them to create the right tone and atmosphere throughout the property. Some combine it with a meeting or relaxation area, and focus on a wall that creates a calming, welcoming atmosphere.

You can also use them to inspire your employees, so that they’re energised and ready to tackle the day every time they see it when entering the office.

The possibilities for office feature walls are endless.

Using wood for feature walls

What Are Some Great Feature Wall Ideas?

Before creating any feature wall, think about what atmosphere you want to create, and the impression you want to give. The size of the wall matters, too, as even if you use the whole surface, you can easily create a focal point in a smaller area.

Take a look at feature walls used in other offices, as well as those used in shops, galleries, and any other building that wants to stand out – even temporarily. You can also find a lot of inspiration on social media, with Pinterest and Instagram great platforms for anything visual orientated.

Embrace Nature With A Wood Feature Wall

A wood feature wall is a great way to stand out. As a natural material, you can find sustainable materials and they are always unique. Whether you go with a solid panel and add detail or decoration to it or use smaller pieces to create something else, you can inspire awe easily.

Wood as a material is versatile and varied. There are different tones and they can be varnished or even painted depending on your needs. They do add weight, so there are things to consider when choosing this material.

Wood feature walls can be perfectly balanced with plants and other items to create a more natural look. The colours and layout can be changed to reflect different seasons or events while the natural tones will always blend in well. It’s no wonder so many feature walls include wood.

Soothe With A Wall Water Feature

Water feature wall

Running water is often considered to be one of the most relaxing and calming sounds in nature – as long as we avoid crashing waterfalls. For a wall water feature, there are plenty of options, from small water features on a part of the wall, to water flowing from top to bottom. Even running water on a small incline at the bottom can add a new dynamic to your office feature wall.

There will be work – and costs – associated with this to make sure the water runs smoothly, and it will need to be maintained, yet it can have a huge impact. Perhaps your company logo sits behind the water and adds a new distortion to it, or maybe you build a small ecosystem against the wall that meetings can take place against.

Stand Out With Feature Wall Tiles

A tiled effect feature wall

If you really want to make an impression, feature wall tiles could be the perfect option. Tiles can let you choose from different colours, styles and textures or you can go for something more creative and bold by combining colours and making a pattern. Someone with an eye for design can help you with this.

From mosaic ideas to tiles of different shapes and sizes, you can create almost any effect you come up with and you can be sure it’ll stand out.

Bold Office Feature Walls

Bold colours on a feature wall

Pick a colour that aligns with your brand and make a feature wall of that. Sometimes a simple image or line of text can go a long way to standing out to people more than complicated and crowded feature wall ideas.

Design elements that enhance or enhance your brand or logo add a new level of intrigue and can grab attention – but make sure it’s not too big a change or you risk sending mixed messages.

Remember, you want to make a statement and show customers you can help with their needs or problems, while also providing employees with the motivation to do the great work that helps your business flourish. Sometimes simple is better, but that depends on your and your brand.

Looking For A New Office To House Your Office Feature Wall?

Before you can create the perfect office feature wall for your business, you need to find where it’s going to be. Perhaps your current property is too small for recent growth, or it doesn’t have the space or features you need – our team of experts at Williams Sillitoe will help you find the right commercial property that lets you bring your feature wall ideas to life.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help you find the ideal property for your business, whatever your needs.