Top Locations For Commercial Property In South Manchester And Cheshire

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The North West is an increasingly popular area for businesses to operate in. Local businesses of all sizes have been able to take advantage of being in a great location, with a thriving and growing population as well as good transport links to other parts of the country. This has also helped businesses from other parts of the country move to the area, as the costs are lower here, so any commercial property is a great return on their investment.

While there’s plenty of choice in and around the area, you can find even more a little further out of Greater Manchester, and the leafy, beautiful surroundings of Cheshire is an appealing prospect for many businesses. Whether you’re looking for a commercial property in Manchester to buy or rent, there are some great options appearing all the time.

Choosing The Right Commercial Property In Manchester

So, what goes into choosing the right commercial property in Manchester? There are a lot of factors, such as whether you should rent or buy the property in question – and this can boil down to the financial situation you’re in, and whether you’re long-term plans favour buying. Location, size and property features all factor into the equation, too.

There are plenty of commercial properties for rent across Manchester. This is part of what draws businesses to the North West, as the rates are competitive and cheaper than other locations. Even commercial property for sale can prove to be better value.

Understanding where your target market is, and what would bring them to your business, could also influence your decision from one area or development over another.

Exciting Commercial Property In Manchester

The amount of investment going into Manchester is staggering – and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Away from the more expensive southern parts of the country, there’s ample opportunities for businesses to find a great office, retail space, warehouse or other commercial property that fits their needs.

Being such a large area, you can find where would suit your business best. If a city centre location puts you in the public eye, then that’s an option. Likewise, if you need good transport links to other areas, then there are plenty to choose from, so it all depends on your situation.

Salford Quays

Of all the commercial property for sale in Manchester, Salford Quays is one of the most well-known developments in the city, and home to a lot of businesses, including the BBC. With entertainment, food and drink, offices and residential buildings in a scenic area, more properties are constantly being added. This area is a premium choice for many and development will continue for years to come.

If buying isn’t right for you, you’ll find even more commercial properties for rent in this central Manchester area.

Stockport Exchange

To the south of Manchester is Stockport, a town that enjoys independence from the larger city while being close enough to enjoy the benefits it offers. The beauty of the Stockport Exchange commercial development is the excellent train links to both Manchester and London. Staff commutes and customer client journeys are easier straight away, and more development is planned.

Airport City

Around one of the region’s busiest airports is a thriving and expanding development of commercial properties, with a huge number of modern and appealing offices and commercial properties taking advantage of the transport links and high footfall of the area. With constant expansion and growth in the region, this a prime location for many businesses, whether you’re looking for commercial property for rent in Manchester or something to buy.

Altrincham Retail Park

There’s no need to look further for an amazing retail park in South Manchester than Altrincham Retail Park. Next to a busy road and with a good range of retail and entertainment units to choose from, there’s a lot of opportunity for businesses of all kinds to make an impact on their customers. As demand grows, so does the chance to expand in this very popular area.

Top Locations For Commercial Property In Cheshire

Cheshire, to the south of Manchester, is an affluent and popular area thanks in part to its proximity to the city but also the gorgeous surroundings that each location boasts. It appeals to many businesses thanks to the potential spending power people in the area have, and becomes a best of both worlds choice, drawing people from all around.

Compared to Manchester, there are fewer commercial properties but this is changing, with more being approved and finished all the time as the business strength of the region grows. Finding a prime spot will only get harder in the future, and long-term plans can benefit from looking at commercial property for sale in Cheshire.

Northgate, Chester

Chester Northgate is one of the newer commercial property developments aiming to revitalise and transform the area. The state-of-the-art building features retail and entertainment spaces, and the location means it’s a great opportunity for commercial properties to rent in Cheshire. With footfall expecting to be high, there’s a lot of potential to make your business grow and succeed.

Royal Arcade, Crewe

The Royal Arcade in Crewe is part of a major development to bring the centre of the town into the modern era. To act as a hub that brings everyone in the town together for a range of reasons. With retail spaces, leisure facilities and more, there’s a lot of versatility that businesses can use to make their mark in this area with a lot of potential.

Barracks Mill, Macclesfield

The Barracks Mill commercial development is in development and looks to bring a range of opportunities and jobs to Macclesfield, which is a steadily growing and in demand area. These state-of-the-art properties are going to attract heavy footfall with many businesses already interested in being a part from the moment it opens. When you’re looking for commercial properties for sale in Cheshire, this new development in Macclesfield is not to be missed.

Want To Know More About Commercial Property in Manchester and Cheshire?

With all of these commercial property developments to choose from – and many, many more – there’s always going to be a great location for your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, what kind of space you need, how big it is or any other factor, our team of experts at Williams Sillitoe can help you find the perfect property to meet your goals.

New developments are planned, started and finished all of the time, so even if you’re looking for a new location for your business in the future, it can be a big advantage to start your search early. That way, you have an idea of what to expect when the time comes. Get in touch with our team today and find out more about what’s available and how we can help.