What Is A Serviced Office & Why Choose One?

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There will come a time when your business needs to find a new property to operate from. This might be because of growth, better financial propositions, or even seeking out new audiences. There are a range of commercial properties to choose from, but many companies will opt for an office – but are they missing out by not considering a serviced office?

There are benefits that come from using a serviced office space as opposed to a regular office, and they can give business owners peace of mind and allow them to focus on the more important decisions.

The team at Williams Sillitoe are here to look at serviced offices and why they can be helpful to any organisation.

What Is A Serviced Office?

An office is a versatile place for businesses to operate from. They can be found in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any company, from small startups requiring a single room to a national organisation with enough staff to fill multiple floors of a large building.

A serviced office space follows this same pattern, but comes with a number of additional features and services. Serviced offices are managed and maintained by a management company who provide cleaning, repairs, and furniture, among other services.

This means there’s less to organise and arrange compared to a normal office, and this convenience is a big benefit.

Why Choose A Serviced Office?

So, what makes serviced office spaces a good choice for businesses? It largely depends on what the current situation is and the goals you’re aiming for, but there are many reasons why serviced offices can be a huge advantage.

These benefits mostly fall into three categories:

Flexible Contracts And Terms

Serviced office spaces are often available on more flexible terms than other offices. This is particularly useful for smaller businesses who are growing quickly, as they can choose short-term contracts which give them the flexibility to move to a larger office space in the same property or new locations as needed.

While a serviced office might be more expensive than other offices, the ability to choose shorter terms could make them more financially viable for the length of time they’re needed. This can also help with businesses operating in locations temporarily, whether it’s a promotion, a specific project or testing a new area to see if further expansion will pay off.

Offices, and other commercial properties, are often leased for long periods of time, and this can result in a business being stuck in an increasingly unsuitable property. While this can happen with serviced office spaces, too, there’s more flexibility in choosing what will benefit you the most.

Ready To Use From Day One

The beauty of a serviced office space is that it’s ready to use from the moment you move in. Unless you plan to bring your own,  furniture and infrastructure is usually available in service offices. This reduces upfront costs and means no delays waiting for delivery or setting up.

Arranging energy suppliers, internet services, and other tasks that would be time consuming in an office can be taken care of in advance by the management company, meaning there’s fewer things for you to focus on.

Even for longer contracts, this can be hugely helpful. Letting someone else handle the mundane tasks that come with setting up a new workspace for your business does have a cost, but you can move in and get started much sooner than you would otherwise. For a fast moving or growing business, this is a great lifeline.

Fewer Considerations To Keep Track Of

When you own or lease an office, there’s a lot to think about. Depending on the responsibilities outlined in the contract, it may fall to you, the tenant, to handle building maintenance and repairs. In an older commercial property, or after a serious incident, this could be an expensive and time consuming task that detracts from the business itself.

With a serviced office, maintenance and repairs would be under the remit of the building owner or the management company, meaning less for you to worry about should something happen.

You will also find that emergency procedures, evacuation routes, and fire safety policies will already exist for the property. While there might be some additions or changes you need to make depending on how you use the serviced office space, you can adopt these for your own health and safety file.

The Best Serviced Offices Manchester Has To Offer

Office space is always in demand across Manchester. Its location in the country, and cheaper prices than the capital, have made it a popular choice for businesses looking to get more value from their workspace.

With great serviced offices, Manchester can cater to all needs, whether that’s location, size, price, parking, and other factors. There are plenty of places across Greater Manchester, and even further south in Cheshire, where businesses can find a great property, such as:

Once you know where you want to be, you can find a serviced office perfect for your business. For those who can be more flexible, there are some fantastic options to choose from.

Find A Great Serviced Office Space For Your Business

When it’s time for a new office for your business, it’s definitely worth considering whether a serviced office would be of more benefit. While the cost might be higher compared to a regular office, the benefits can outweigh the extra cost – especially when you take into account how much it would cost for you to complete the same tasks or hire a service to do them.

While an office might be a better fit if your business has an established theme, style or brand, a serviced office allows you to get on with things – and that can lead to success.

If you’d like to know more about serviced office spaces, or want to know what options are available to you, then speak to a member of the team at William Sillitoe now.