What Will Workplace Culture Look Like In 2022?

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Workplace culture is how a business and its staff operate and function together. It covers all levels, departments and people involved in an organisation, and companies with a good culture often see success thanks to the efforts of employees who feel support and believe in everything the business represents.

With every passing year, workplace culture changes. It adapts to the wider economy and social situations, with businesses who keep on top of this change and give their staff an environment they can prosper in, likely to see more success in the future. Organisations and leaders who don’t meet these changes could come across pitfalls along the way.

How is workplace culture changing in 2022?

While it’s easy to identify what workplace culture is, keeping on top of the changes can be difficult. Many experts will identify trends and changes that business leaders should be aware of going into 2022. While this is a good indication, it’s important to weigh these up against your business, the industry you operate in, and, most importantly, what your people say.

However, to make sure you have all the information, here are some of the ways workplace culture is changing and will be defined against in the upcoming year.

Wellness And Work-Life Balance Are At The Top Of The List

One of the most important aspects of workplace culture in 2022 is employee wellness, and ways to make sure businesses are supporting workers as much as possible. From ensuring staff levels are appropriate and reducing stress to providing an environment that encourages people to reach out and seek help where possible, this goes beyond offering free fruit and a lunchtime yoga class.

Stresses from work can bleed into personal lives, and vice versa, and if employers aren’t willing to ensure employees are in a good place, they will find a place that offers that support – and fast.

This ties in perfectly to the ongoing discussion around work-life balance. The pandemic has taught a lot of people that their life outside of work is important – more important than their work life, and employers who ignore this risk losing talent to other companies who will respect those boundaries.

Development Is Important To Retain Staff

The job market is going to get even tougher for employers over the next year, as talent is in demand in almost every sector. Not only does this push salaries up, but it means keeping your employees gets harder as the offers improve.

However, this won’t be the biggest contributor to staff retainment in 2022, as there will be a real drive for development. Job roles are changing as fast as businesses, and people are being asked to do more, different tasks every week, but by showing a commitment to developing skills and people, you prove that your staff matters. Your staff want to be in a place where they feel wanted, and this is proof that you believe in them and their future.

Recognition Matters

Not only will development be important, but more recognition for staff achievements will be a driving force of 2022. The pandemic made life difficult for many people, and while some considered work to be normal, it was anything but.

Even routine successes should be applauded to ensure that leaders know what’s being done, who does it and the results it brings to the business. Without this support and recognition, there will be a drop off in staff retention as staff look for an employer who recognises the time and effort being put into the role.

Flexible Working Is Here To Stay

There have been calls since covid restrictions ended to bring workers back to the office, but this isn’t going to be as widespread as some might think – and trying to force the issue will risk the business losing top talent to competitors who are more flexible.

Some people like the office environment, and others prefer to work remotely. Flexible working accommodates both and shows that, as a business leader, you want to get the best out of your team by ensuring they can work in the right environment for their productivity. You will also benefit from extra space in the office by not having everyone in at once, and this means a smaller officer can go much further than you originally thought. There are challenges to solve, but technology and processes exist to help this.

Encouraging a culture change in the workplace

Workplace culture is not static. People change, industries change, and businesses change, too. If the atmosphere, environment and culture don’t move forward, people will quickly feel disillusioned.

Bringing about a culture change in the workplace isn’t always easy, and leaders might find many different opinions and approaches as to how to bring this about. While you can impose your view and follow it through, the people working for the business are the ones that make it what it is, and that’s why it shouldn’t be a blind decision.

There are things you can do to help bring a new workplace culture, however.

Listening To What Employees Want

One of the big ways to encourage a great workplace culture is to listen to the people working for the business. These are the ones behind the success of the organisation. They push everything forward and spend a lot of their time at work, and they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t believe in what they were doing and who they worked for.

When it comes to culture, it’s a good idea to listen to what these people have to say. As the ones who will embrace and embody that culture, it has to be right. Not only does this make employees feel valued and listened to, it makes it easier to identify what the culture is to potential talent you’re trying to attract.

Socialisation In The Workplace

One thing to keep in mind is socialisation in the workplace and what that means for workplace culture. While employees are there to work, it’s important to remember they are not machines. Going to work shouldn’t be dreaded or boring if you want the best from your team.

Social events will be important in 2022, and these are going to come more regularly and in different forms. Drinks are fine, but smaller, low-key events are a good way to keep everyone together and enjoying themselves, too, and build better relationships with the people they work with.

With remote workers growing in number, making sure there are regular points of contact, through communication apps and video calls, is important. This means everyone feels a part of the team no matter where they are.

Is Your Business In The Right Place To Adapt To An Evolving Workplace Culture?

Keeping up with a changing workplace culture can be a challenge, but while actions make a big difference, it’s important to have the right environment, too. The office, or workplace itself, matters. A property employees want to be in, that encourages them to be productive and bring out their best, is an important element of the atmosphere and culture of a business.

Finding a new commercial property for your business is a bold statement, and can help you turn a new leaf in bringing culture change in the workplace. If you’re ready for a refresh, and a new office location, then speak to a member of our team at Williams Sillitoe and find out how we can help.